Now if you have been following my previous articles, you will come to understand why I base my post mostly on loosing weight and keeping in shape.  It has been daunting for most people regarding weight gain and weight loss.

Weight gain and loss has been a very big issue around the globe. Human down the age have got stuck with the idea that you can only loose weight by exercising and leaving out the eating part. Here we re going to discuss several ways you can loose weight without exercising at all. 

Eating Less Carbohydrates Can go a long way

1 Eat less: Studies have shown that if you eat less food, the chances of gaining weight is very slim.  Now with that said,  food intake is the only reason why we gain or loose weight.  Keep in mind, that controlling what you eat is a very difficult task, so do not start it at a go, just make sure you drop the eating habit bits by bits.

Adding Vegetables To Your Diet

2 Eat  a lot of veggies and fiber:  Eating is very vital, but eating the right thing is what matters most in your everyday wellness.  Food like broccoli, almond nuts, cabbage, lettuce, carrot, whole wheat read and berries.

Keep Check On Your Weight

3 Weigh your self: Keeping your weight is a very important part of daily life if you desire to control your weight, make sure you have a weight scale in your bathroom or bedroom. This will aid you to always keep your weight in check and keep you constantly on your toes.

Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

4 Control Carb in takes: Making sure that we watch what we eat is a very integral part in our daily intake.   Carbohydrate in take is the main culprit for weight gain. So its advisable to always watching the carbs in take or  better still, divert to substitute like whole wheat bread for instance. If you re a bread lover, try and see if you can substitute for Rye bread, Seeded bread or whole wheat bread.

Make Sure To Drink Lots Of Water

5 Drink lot of water:  Staying hydrated is another means of staying in weight control circle. Drinking lots of water during the course of the day, is a very good way to help you stay in shape and keep your bowel moving from what ever you have eaten.

If Not Difficult, Get A Balance Food Table

6 Keeping a food time table: Last but not the list is keeping a food journal. This funny looking/sounding will make you laugh but is as effective as it sounds or seem.  There re no other ways to control what you eat, other than keep track of food to eat on a particular giving day.  This will aid and motivate you to eat and keep track of what you eat on a giving time frame. Why don’t you give it a try today and see if any off the very effective methods above can open up that determination and goal driven personality hidden deep down your subconscious mind.

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