Food, as we all know, is a very integral part of body growth. Most times we re-advised by some nutritionist to go on hunger strikes or should I say fasting to enable the body to burn fat effectively.

In my own candid opinion, some people can get a very good result from it, while the other person might end up gaining more weight as opposed to the desired goal.

Now without stressing your thoughts with excruciating words and constant grammars, let us dive deeply into the 5 FOODS THAT WILL HELP YOU LOOSE WEIGHT AND STAY IN IT that can help in controlling our weight and also help us stay within the healthy circle.

Crunchy Almonds

Crunchy Almond is a very good in between meal snack. In fact studies have shown that almond is one or if not the healthiest nuts  among its peers. It is also said to be very rich in vitamin E, which enhances the skin and gives it a healthy and succulent look.

Almond. Has also been made to be used as a substitute for milk as a weight control plan.  It is also high in fiber and there makes it very suitable for people who do not know what to snack on when the need arises.

Savory Apple

This is a very suitable fruit as we all know. The fruit is so healthy, that it drew an adage that quotes “AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY” this is how healthy an apple is because it aids digestion and contains a whole lot of vitamin C which is very good for the body bowel movement.

Healthy Avocado

This are basically for those who wants to bulk up with naturally packed muscle, while also doing it in a very super healthy way.  Avocado is a very good source of fat, the good types that makes your muscle grow effectively, leaving looking toned and very admirable.

Avocado is a great source of vitamins C, E, K and B-6as well as riboflavin, niacin, foliate and omega 3 that is very vital to the maintenance of a healthy heart.


Broccoli is a very essential part of working on your weights. It has a whole lot of fighting benefit towards the growth of body health in general.

It helps fight cancer, it keeps you full for longer, it assist in moving the bowel when you re feeling bloated and full, it helps in reducing estrogen in the body as well.  Broccoli, can do all this but only if prepared the right way and also eaten the right way as well. 

Some prefer making a smoothie with it, some prefer making eating it without cooking, but if you cant do the above, the best way would be to steam it as oppose to cooking it. This will aid the cancer fighting nutrient and other benefit to be retained when it is served.

Rye Bread

Are you a fan of toast bread or sandwich? And you re  feeling very terrible when it comes to ideas on why you should lay of eating bread for breakfast? Well here is a good substitute for you.

Rye bread is very filling and very nice when it comes to controlling of weights and putting your balance diet in place.

So Make sure you re doing things more effectively as detailed above for a more balance and low calorie dense meal.

The Goal regarding my post is to make sure that people find substitute to that desired meal they always crave.

We re humans and humans have desire and needs, so its never easy to curtail something that has been a part of you and your daily routine.  I hope this article gives you an edge and also gives you a clear insight on what to do and how to eat, so as to gain that desired body or at least make you feel proud about your self.

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