Life, has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us.  Sometimes you think you would never amount to anything meaningful, but in real fact, you haven’t really sat down to think about how much you have come so far or how much you have regressed in the passed few years.

Knowing life for what it is (Tough) we sometimes let little details and set back determine who we re and what we become after that little whirl wind.   Today in this post, I want to discuss about the benefit of determining how best to make your life a great place to savor.

Put down those fences, get rid of those walls, wipe away the tears and make sure you re saying to your self, that if this person can make it, why should I be any different?  Imagine if Steve Jobs for instance was thinking th same way you re right now, or setting his sights as seeing him self as a failure, what do you think would have become of him and the much trusted brand (I phone) which he has produced

Take in to consideration that he Steve Jobs, has created work for a whole lot of people and is still finding more avenue to do so.  So I ask you this question, why re you limiting your self and your effort? Why do you think that you have noting else to give to mankind, your self, the people around you and the family who cares about you.

Open your mind today because failure is not an avenue to quit, it is an avenue to say to your self, what do I need to do right to make sure I get this done properly.  Keep in mind, nobody wants to be seen as a failure, but also remember that if success comes to you quite easily, you might lack the cutting edge to keep it in control and manage it effectively and decisively.

Now I am not necessarily saying that failure is a means to an end. What I am trying to say, is that we shouldn’t see failure as the end, rather we should see failure as a motion to drive home our desire, repackage our efforts, re-evaluate our ideas, push more harder, and stack up our self motivation to the best of our ability.

Still  not motivated? Then why not take more strength from JK Rowling’, who not until her book Harry potter was published was decline almost at every turn. She kept pushing and pushing until her voice was heard and given a chance.  At long last, her books ended up becoming a multi billion dollar best seller all over the world.  

See also Robert Downey Jr, this man right here is a legend in his own right. A recovering addicts who defiled a lot of odds, to go on to feature in a lot of the best selling movies ever made in history.

Now I know words re very extraordinarily cheap, but the truth is that no body can motivate you better than you would to your self. Determination is the main key to success. Are you an addict, a gambler, a prostitute, a molester, sex trafficker, child trafficker, serial killer and you re looking at changing a lot of things in your life?

After reading this post, sit down and ask your self, why am i doing this? What is the end product to my addiction, what is the end product and for how long would it keep me happy and sane.

After that, retrace your steps to how it all started. Ask you self if your life would have turned out any better if you had decided to move towards a part which is different from the one you re on right now.

1. Try to figure out what caused the error and has gotten you where you re at the moment.

2. Now I won’t ask you to forget the past, for there is no future that was shaped by the past. I will only advice you to take a step at a time in letting go those past that drives you into hurting your future.

3. Slow down with your current life and revisit an idea and plans you have set for your self before all this began. We as human have always wished and dream to be something bigger than the struggling life we have at present. Make sure you take your time, because while doing all this, frustration will definitely set in and at that point, you might want to go back to your old ways.

4 Nothing comes easy. Anything that does, will or might hurt you in the long run. So what ever you decide to do after determining to quit the life you re living now presently, always remember that it is never an easy step from point A to B.

Life is hard. I keep repeating this phrase because people always look for the easy way out but knowing there isn’t any and that’s the Gospel truth of things.

I am not a spiritualist of a psychic but I know that there lots of people out there who would love to know and hear the truth as it is. I my self went through a very terrible times and as you can see, I am not giving up either. So please stay strong and try as much as possible to evaluate your life and make the best from it.

It is never too late to right by your self and determination is the only way to self motivate your self into becoming a better person to you, the society and to the people around you.

Thank you

Please feel free to leave your comments in the sections and we will be happy to always discuss further.

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