There re a lot of reason why keeping fit is very good and advisable to human health.  Now when I say keeping fit, I am not necessarily saying that you have to go to gym and pump your self with steroids, just to look different from other.  What I am saying in essence is that you need any form of exercise to make sure the heart flows properly, the arteries are passing through properly, and the veins are also carrying the bloods properly and so on.

There re loads of benefits to exercising, you stand the chance to stay well for a longer period of time as opposed to someone who only sit and eats everything that comes his or her way.  The reality of life is the foundation we build for our selves.

Its never an easy life to live, I know trust me because I train 3 to 4 times a week prior to the lock down routine and also I run twice a week, making it 6 days of effective exercise routine. Now, remember that no one can force you to read or carry out any form of exercise, but if you continue reading below, I will elaborate more, in number, why training and exercising is a very effective tool to keep the doctor away.

1 cultivate a running or walking habit:

This kind of life helps you get rid of stomach fat.  I specifically mentioned stomach fat because every sickness starts from what we eat and what we have in our stomach as human. Now a lot of illness comes from food that have been stored in our stomach over time and thereby causing us more harm than good because of its inability to digest properly.   So its very advisable to take at least 30mins of walk at your convenient time, every 2 days.  This helps in eradicating and fighting of stomach fat.

2 Squats and lunges: As we know, there re people who visit the gym but do not know what routine to follow that helps them burn calorie faster besides running and cardio classes.  Here we have Squats, with half the size of your body weight in bars, to aid the body to push its calorie deficit to be very thin. 

Squatting reducing your core area effectively, while also straightens your back and guides your spine as well.  It also adds benefits to your butt and makes you posture quite unique after its desired result take effect.

Lunges on the other hand, build your thighs and core as well. It gives you legs that unique shape, while also allows blood to flow freely from the heart to the leg area, avoiding any risk of arthritis and any other diseases related to the leg area.

Cardio Classes:  Now I know a lot of people do this on daily basis, but I also think it is a topic that needs to be treated as a lot of people train and forget the basic reason for training, which is looking good.

Now cardio is a very fast an effective way to burn fat and look in shape quicker.  But unlike running and jogging, it has its own pros and cons.  Here is how it works, if your body burns fat faster, you have to endeavor to eat a proper meal to go along with it as well.  Weight lost can be gained back in triple if we eat badly while doing cardio classes. This re more reason you see people in cardio classes and yet they still look the same year in year out.

In other words, we can always put good dieting along with our training ideas because training and eating right at least 70 percent cooked food, will help you in reducing that waist line and aid you to loose that much desired belly fat away.

Please keep in mind that there re no magical formula for this. If a product promises you 1 week to make you look fit and toned, take your time and imagine how long you ate, that brought you to the point you re in right now? 2 years, 4 years, 6 years? And more? There is your answer.  Don’t go thinking its easy doing these things, but be rest assured that whenever you decide to go into it, then believe me when I say it is very much achievable.

Always feel free to leave your comments and ideas on how we can assist and help you effectively. Thanks you for taking your precious time to read our post. Keep well and remain determined.

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