August 11, 2022

2022 West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) Research Fellowship 

The goal of the WACSI research fellowship is to offer young researchers with the dire opportunities to document deepening fellows’ understanding of the social, economic, and political contribution of civil society to development in West Africa. Fellows will be afforded the opportunity to contribute to ongoing research on the social, economic, and political contribution of civil society to development in West Africa.

Eligibility criteria fir the WACSI research fellowship

• The fellowship is open to all young researchers from West Africa. Other young researchers who are not from the region but are interested in understanding and documenting civil society praxis in West Africa can be considered.
• Interested in working on civil society issues or in the development sector.
• Recent Master’s or PhD graduates who completed their studies within the last two years.
• Applicants must be able to demonstrate strong analytical skills and the ability to perform independent research.
• Interested applicants should be able and ready to cover all costs related to the fellowship. A


  • Research fellows will receive monthly stipends and a research allowance from the institute. In addition, active participation in this fellowship offers aspiring academicians or fellows with a keen interest in civil society access to a wide range of benefits to help successfully conduct their research or engage in a knowledge documentation project.
  • The findings from the research and the overall experience of the fellows will be used to promote good practices in West Africa.
  • They will provide the necessary data and information as evidence for informed policymaking in the region.
  • During the research fellowship, candidates can get a wealth of opportunities and it gives students skills and knowledge to better plan for or advance their future careers.
    Fellows will also have other opportunities and benefits such as:
    • A certificate of completion. This will be provided upon satisfactory completion of all tasks and submission of all agreed deliverables.
    • A monthly stipend.
    • At least one WACSeries publication.
    • Official recommendation from WACSI.
    • Free access to WACSI’s rich civil society resource centre.

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